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Understanding the Different Types of Smoke & Fire Damage

Understanding the Different Types of Smoke & Fire Damage

In the event of an uncontrollable fire, understanding the types of fire and smoke damage can determine the services you need for restoration. Read about the different types of smoke and fire damage.

Protein Smoke Damage

Protein smoke damage occurs when organic materials evaporate during a low-heat fire, typically during a cooking mishap in the kitchen. Protein smoke damage leaves no noticeable streaking or soot but can discolor varnishing, painting, and other surfaces.

Smoking Residue

A prevalent type of smoke damage results from residents who smoke in their homes. Many landlords of multifamily homes deal with odors and residue left by cigarette smoke. Common effects from tenant smoke include yellow walls, cigarette ash trapped in carpet fibers, and absorption into the furnace, resulting in polluted air in the home.

Flame Damage

Flame damage has many causes. For instance, electrical fires can impact your home much differently than an open flame fire resulting from matches or candles. Luckily, many restoration companies provide expert knowledge on understanding the type of fire that occurred, and their service providers can find hidden electrical issues or structural damage in your home.

Fuel and Oil Residue

Fuel and oil residue, or petroleum residue, can happen in furnaces that create a “puff back,” which doesn’t ignite properly, releasing soot and smoke into the surrounding space. As a result, a small leak or a minor explosion can occur, leaving behind a dense, sticky residue with a pungent odor that is hard to remove.

Wet Smoke

Another type of smoke and fire damage comes from wet smoke, which originates from smoldering, low-heat fires. Rubber and plastic materials often produce wet smoke. Blazes have a harsh smell and create a thick, black smoke that leaves behind a sticky, dense residue that can smear during cleaning.

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