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Is It Safe To Stay in Your Home During Restoration?

Is It Safe To Stay in Your Home During Restoration?

Your home is where you feel the safest. However, that can easily turn upside down after a sudden fire, heavy storm, or mold discovery. If any of these things happen, you probably need to hire remediation services to address and resolve the damage. But is it safe to stay in your home during restoration?

Mold Remediation Services

If you don’t immediately address mold, it can spiral out of control and become a larger problem. Leftover mold can result in medical issues for you, your family members, and your pets. Furthermore, it can cause permanent damage to your home and cost more to repair later.

Smoke and Fire Remediation Services

Fire and smoke damage consists of tiny particles, such as small gas, solid, and liquid particles, on unburnt remnants. Furthermore, smoke can contain soot, ash, tar, and soil that can leave behind a strong, intolerable odor and penetrate building materials.

Unresolved fire and smoke damage can become extremely dangerous to your health. Your home’s interior and furnishings often include synthetic materials, releasing toxic substances into the air after contact with fire. Additionally, burnt plastics release hydrogen cyanide, which can contaminate the air in your home. The effects of long-period inhalation can range from minor to severe.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage can occur in various instances, most commonly from burst pipelines and heavy storms. Depending on the type of water damage, it can be harmless. For example, clean sources of water damage include washing machines, sinks, and water heaters.

On the other hand, dirty water, such as sewage and gray water, can contaminate and jeopardize your health. This can also increase the risk of mold accumulation, so hiring a flood and water remediation specialist is necessary to resolve this issue.

Is It Safe To Stay?

So is it safe to stay in your home during restoration if it has experienced damage from mold, fire, or water? Simply put, it depends on the situation. In scenarios of smoke damage and mold, playing it safe and staying somewhere else to reduce the risk of harming your health is wise. Conversely, if the issue is water damage from a clean water source that occurred in a lesser-used area of the home, staying during restoration is most likely fine.

When a sudden heavy storm strikes or an unexpected fire occurs, you need a dependable company to restore your property to normal. We at Full Circle Restoration offer our remediation services to commercial and residential properties needing storm and flood repair, fire and smoke remediation, and mold removal. We provide our disaster cleanup in Boise, Idaho, which homeowners and business operators can depend on, with over a decade of experience at your front door. Contact us today for more information about our disaster restoration and cleanup services.